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Show me the modern apartment in sector-121 Noida

Are you search of a property that is located in Noida? In case you have contacted real estate agents and property dealers for the purpose, can we know what criteria have you specified?

Probably, you might have specified the professional about preferential area for your property, carpet area you want, amenities you want, and various other things .

But when you informed your agent Show me the modern apartment in sector-121 Noida or other places in and around the region, did you tell him to initiate you about the haunted places in the region?

Yes, you have heard it right. There are some places in Noida that are haunted. If you feeling excited, here is a detailed list. Read it precisely.

If you have selected a property somewhere in Noida that makes you travel to and fro Noida Expressway, we are afraid that the situation is quite frightening.

This place is rumoured to be haunted.

In case you have to drive through the Noida Expressway in the midnight, you will surely find the shadowy figure of a woman crossing by.

Do not stop when you see her and simply drive past her. This is the apparition that haunts the Noida Expressway at night.

Reject the idea of a property that is too close to the Hindon River if you believe in ghosts. It is rumoured that the area becomes a den of apparitions as soon as night falls.

People who have been to this Hindon River area after the sunset you might find shadowy figures crossing you!

As the locals are well aware of the eerie phenomenon going on in this area, so they would dare not come close to the area after sunset.

Now it is up to you to decide if you would live in a home close to Hindon River or not.

If you have an obsession for shoes and you are planning to relocate to Noida then beware.  Your experiences at the Phoenix shoe store can be the deadliest of all time.

It is said that this shoe store was not a den for ghastly creatures ever since its launch. Rather, things were going on quite fine till the day when a deadly fire accident occurred at the basement of the store.

The most pathetic part of the incident is that people working in the store and upstairs could escape freely. Nevertheless, each and every staff who were working at the basement on that day go locked because they could not find a way to escape.

Eventually, they got scorched and faced the most pathetic death. People say that these trapped staffs of the Phoenix shoe store have become apparitions and haunt the place now.