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It is winter again in the tropical and sub-tropical parts of the world. The chilling breeze, rapid fall in mercury level and the festive mood all around set the enthusiasm for gardening high for avid gardeners. 

In case you are wondering how can you set up a winter garden in your small balcony, we have something to share. The skyrocketing prices of properties have not left any option for most homeowners to buy property in Noida where there is no space constraint.  

So, the good news is that you still have hopes for setting up your green corner in your small balcony garden. Here are some options regarding winter indoor plants that you can consider. Check out!

Moth Orchid is a low maintenance indoor plant that is a must for your winter balcony. 

This variety of orchid will give blooms that stay for months if you simply give it a few hours of filtered sunlight in the morning. 

Additionally, remember to keep the soil moist too for encouraging the growth of its roots.

If you love fresh green colours in your balcony garden, you can give corn plant a try. This variety of indoor plant features a woody, slender trunk with a bunch of elongated green leaves on the top. 

The plant survives happily if you keep it beside a window that gets indirect sunlight throughout the day.  

But the plant hates overwatering. So, ensure that the plant in which it is sowed has good drainage. The frequency of watering has to be restricted too if you want your corn plant to thrive healthily.

If you are a beginner and want to give your secret love for gardening a try, the snake plant can be worth trying out. 

This plant, with its slender and pointed leaves, hardly needs watering. So, it will be absolutely fine if you water the snake plant once a week.  

As far as sunlight is concerned, you can place your planter with snake plant both in full sunlight and in partial sunlight, and the plant will accommodate itself gradually. However, do not change the position of the planter very often because that is going to disturb your plant.

If you have a love for succulents, jade is one of the plants that will surprise you. The round shaped spongy green fluid filled leaves of jade add to its aesthetic appeal. As the plant grows, it looks like a tree that has stunned growth.

Jade is another easy to maintain indoor plant which can survive well if you give it indirect sunlight every day. 

However, you have to be very careful while watering jade because the plant hates soggy soil. So, water the plant only when the soil mix feels hard when touched.